"Texcoco" Ukulele Bag - Soprano Size

"Texcoco" Ukulele Bag - Soprano Size



  • Legendary Service

Custom "Snug Fit" Design

We have tailored this bag perfectly to fit all major ukulele brands. Most ukulele bags are poorly designed, ours fits perfectly. We spent months and months testing the bag size on all brands of ukulele and came up with the perfect dimensions. 

Compression Sponge

We have jam-packed our bags full of compression sponge to protect your instrument. Each wall has 15mm of padding and will protect your uke from damage whilst travelling. 

Smooth Glide Zips

Your bag is fitted with smooth glide zips. We literally tested hundreds of zips to find the perfect one. Nothing worse than a weak or catchy zip, ours are as smooth as a hot knife through button. 

Adjustable Back Straps

Each bag is fitted with backpack straps, so you can carry your uke hands-free on your back. Not everybody is built the same, so the straps are padded and adjustable. 

Easy Grip Carry Handle

A carry handle that actually fits in your hand comfortably. Most uke bags have a thin handle with no padding and poorly weighted so the bag tips forward. Ours is perfectly positioned to ensure a balanced carry.