Why Ukuleles Are Perfect For Your School's Music Program

Music programs in schools can be literal life savers.

Students have long held music programs at schools in the highest regards. If you’re a music teacher or school administrator you can attest to the joy and satisfaction that these programs bring. Studies consistently show that learning an instrument at a young age can:

  • Combat depression and anxiety
  • Improve confidence and self-worth
  • Teach creativity and work ethic
  • Develop important social skills

That’s pretty powerful stuff! I’ve heard so many inspirational stories of how learning an instrument has kept kids out of trouble (or worse!) and given them a greater sense of purpose.

That’s why we work so hard to partner with schools to bring that same concept to as many kids as we can.

When I was growing up, my school was limited to woodwind and brass instruments. I love those instruments now, but as a younger kid I was more interested in stringed instruments. Feeling like I didn’t have a place in the music program, I didn’t attend. It took several more years before I got the chance to learn music, and that came via expensive private lessons.

What a missed opportunity!

Did you know that we regularly partner with schools to bring ukuleles to music programs?

School music programs are constantly under budget constraints and are usually the first to see cuts. So we offer significant discounts to schools.

In addition to scholastic pricing you also get fantastic value that makes it easy and economically worthwhile to start a ukulele program (or add ukuleles to your existing program).

Here’s what your school gets:

Exceptional ukuleles at an extremely affordable price. These aren’t cheap plastic toy ukuleles. They’re constructed using real tonewoods and are ukuleles built for musicians. And they’re affordable for even the youngest players.

Songbooks to teach kids how to play the ukulele. These books can be used in the classroom or as supplemental lessons and homework.

3 Years Of FREE Strings. Strings are the only recurring costs that ukuleles have and each ukulele comes with 3 years of free strings. That’s a savings of near $50 per ukulele.

A ton of accessories at no cost to you. Everything a ukulele player needs to get started right away. Ukulele tuner, strap, chord chart, fretboard markers, ukulele stand, a durable travel case to protect the ukulele, and more.

If you're in the research phase right now, you know that’s unheard of. You’ll typically need to buy all of these accessories separately (which quickly adds up, making the cost of the uke quite a bit higher than advertised), or just go without them (which doesn’t set the students up very well).

We stand by the quality of our ukuleles so you get a lifetime warranty on every ukulele. You have enough to worry about, so the quality and value of the ukuleles doesn’t need to be one.

We Understand The School Ordering Process

Because we work with schools regularly we understand the ordering process (we do it all the time!). You’ll get a fast custom quote you can pass along to your accounting department.

We also offer Net14 terms from the time the ukuleles arrive. Your students will be learning their first chords before you’ll even need to think about payment! The only rush we’re in is to give your students the wonderful gift of playing the ukulele.

Something For Every Budget

Music programs need to be affordable and “affordable” means different things to different schools. We offer the best instruments for school music programs and we do our best to match your budget and plan.

The Bondi Surf Series is a favourite for its affordability and style. Surf Series ukuleles are made of mahogany (a favourite of luthiers) and come in 14 really fun and striking finishes. Unlike a lot of “beginner” ukuleles, the Surf Series ukes are made to sound great and are built to last. After all, the same hands that build the more expensive ukes build these.

Bondi’s Surf Series are Soprano sized ukes. Sopranos are great for younger students since they’re a more manageable size. With a full depth body they resonate really well and have a balanced tone. Your students won’t outgrow these!

Bondi Surf Series ukuleles are perfect ukuleles for schools with younger kids. Though I know a lot of adults who play these too!

A “step up” ukulele is the Bondi Arcadia Mahogany Series. You’ll find ukes in Soprano (small), Concert (medium), and Tenor (large) sizes. The tone naturally changes as you go up in size, and having a variety of sizes adds tonal diversity to the group.

More importantly, having different size options helps make sure that students of all ages and sizes can find their “Goldie Locks” ukuleles (the one that fits just right). Most ukulele players end up getting multiple sizes, but having that perfect fit from the start is really important to build confidence with the instrument, and spark that joy that students get when they strum their first chord.

Bondi Arcadia ukuleles are constructed from solid mahogany and come in a beautiful natural (and durable) finish. They also have a few more bells a whistles like Ivory Blossom binding and a pearl rosette. The tone is on the mellow side thanks to the solid mahogany, but you still get that twang ukuleles are known and loved for.

Did I mention that all of the ukuleles we ship go through a thorough inspection and setup before leaving our facility? We make sure that they play, sound, look, and feel as good as they should. No duds here, just quality instruments your students will love falling in love with.

Our school music program bundles start at 10 ukuleles we'll customize to meet the constraints of your budget. If you want to know more or get a personalized quote, fill out the form below and one of our School Music Program experts will get back to you ASAP!