Ukulele Strap - Adjustable - Made From Soft Cotton

Ukulele Strap - Adjustable - Made From Soft Cotton



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No Drilling Required

We hated the idea of drilling a hole in our precious instrument to provide a guitar style strap, its unnecessary and can affect the sound of the wood. So we have designed a clip on strap which attaches to the sound hole. 

Useful When Standing Up

Many players like to play their ukulele standing up. It can be a little awkward holding your uke whilst standing, this is where the ukulele strap comes in handy to provide extra support

Design:  Clip on. No screws or pins
Adjustable Length: 23in - 26in
Width: 1.6in
Compatible With: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone
Clip: Strong ABS Plastic
Ends:  Leather

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