Free Ukulele Lesson on Skype and Zoom

How Does This Work?

The free lesson will take place over Skype. You will need a webcam and a microphone on your computer so you can communicate with Jeffrey.

Who Is The Ukulele Instructor?

Jeffrey Thomas has been teaching guitar, bass and ukulele for over 27 years. He lives in Honolulu, the home of the ukulele! Jeffrey has a bunch of regular ukulele students from Australia. Take a look at the testimonials further down the page and you will see the impact Jeffrey has had on many ukulele students. Jeffrey prepares all notation before each lesson and can cater for anyone - beginners to advanced players.

I encourage you to visit his website and check out his videos and bio -

How Long Is The Lesson?

Your free lesson will last 30mins. If you wish to continue lessons with Jeffrey, you are welcome to speak with him.

How Can You Teach Someone Ukulele Over Skype?

Skype is becoming the new classroom for private music lessons. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the skype / zoom lesson is. All you need is a webcam and a mic.

What Time Of Day Is The Lesson?

Jeffrey lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has a handful of Australian students already and schedules an entire day to Aussie students each week. He is accustomed to the time-zone difference, so it's no issue finding a suitable time for the lesson.

How Do I Organize A Time For A Lesson?

Simply visit Jeffrey's website at and schedule a lesson.

Does My Voucher Expire?

No, it doesn't expire but we encourage you to take your lesson in the first 2 months of having your new uke, that is the most important time to create new habits which Jeff can teach you

I Have More Questions About The Lesson

Please shoot us an email on the Contact Us Page. We will be more than happy to help

Testimonial From Mike Knapick

This is a testimonial for Jeff Thomas, Uke, Bass, and guitar teacher. I have taken weekly lessons from Jeff for 10 months. The reasons that I like taking lessons from Jeff:
  • He was very helpful in getting me set up for Skype and PayPal which I had never used before.
  • He is able to troubleshoot Skype problems when I have them.
  • His email communications are prompt.
  • He is flexible if I have to be absent for a lesson.
  • The lessons feel “live” because his ears and eyes catch all my areas that need improvement.
  • He wants to work on music that I like to play and listen to.
  • His handwritten, self-composed tablature is incredibly detailed and has all the information needed to know what the left and right hand should be doing.
  • He is patient and encouraging when I’m not satisfied with my progress.
  • His process: He walks me through learning the chords, picking, and strumming in an individual piece. Next we work on counting aloud while playing. Next we put it to the metronome. Next we work on musicality without counting or metronome.
  • He helps me breakdown areas of difficulty into manageable segments.
  • I truly enjoy his professional expertise in working with me, the amateur enthusiast.
Mike Knapick

Testimonial From Mary O'Malley

Jeff is a dedicated, generous teacher who arranges music for me, coaches me patiently and takes genuine pleasure in my progress. The Skype format works brilliantly for me too.
Mary O'Malley

Testimonial From Liz

I started weekly skype ukulele lessons with Jeff in early 2014. Jeff brings an incredible depth of technical knowledge, playing prowess and teaching experience to his lessons. He has a structured approach to presenting and explaining music and has tailored his teaching style to suit my playing level, strengths and musical interests.

He prepares for each of our lessons to support my progress and is patient and humorous which makes the lesson fun. I recommend Jeff for ukulele and guitar players at all levels.
Sydney, Australia

Testimonial From Jenny Brown

I have been learning ukulele with Jeff via skype for about 12 months now, and during that time he has expanded my skills and knowledge beyond all recognition. Any song you want to learn - from pop to rock, blues, jazz or country - and Jeff will come up with a fabulous arrangement, complete with clear tabs, chord diagrams and recommended fingering.

His patience and good-humour are endless, no matter how many bum notes! I would recommend Jeff without reservation to everyone from novices to seasoned players. I am delighted to have him not only as a teacher, but also as a friend.
Jenny Brown
Sydney, Australia

Testimonial From Sherry

My son enjoys Jeff's lessons throughout ("he is too good" quote from my son), Jeff is a very engaging and patient music teacher and have extensive and wide range of music instrument knowledge. We recommend all new learners to try out Jeff's lessons.

Sherry Xu
NSW, Australia