Bondi Rosewood Kalimba

14 reviews

Bondi Rosewood Kalimba

14 reviews


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Things We Love About This Kalimba

All rosewood body in a slightly tinted finish

Beveled edges and a smooth feel for maximum comfort

17 polished and rounded tines for easy playing

Captivating pearl inlay soundhole rosette

Foamcore case to protect your instrument

Polishing cloth, tuning hammer, and guide stickers included


The first thing you notice is the striking rosewood body, contrasted with the vibrant pearl inlay. And then you hear the richness and clarity of its tone. No wonder Rosewood is one of the most popular tonewoods!

The Bondi Rosewood Kalimba (also known as a finger piano) brings the beautiful tone of Rosewood into your hands quite literally. The beveled edges and polished tines give you a comfortable and natural feeling Kalimba. Once you pick this up you won't be able to put it down!

You'll be able to keep your Kalimba protected as it sits comfortably in the included plush lined foamcore case. The case is big enough to provide thorough protection, but light enough to take it with you wherever you go.


Keys 17
Top Rosewood
Back/Sides Rosewood
Soundhole Pearl Inlay
Hardcase Included
Tuning Hammer Included
Cleaning Cloth Included
Key Material Ore Metal
Rear soundholes Two
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Jen C.

My daughter plays the flute so I thought I'd try a hand instrument.

Excellent for beginners

I know ukuleles and kalimbas are the two easiest instruments to play so I thought I would try this little kalimbas. I can already play a tune and will keep learning some others. Will take it to my uke group.

Bondi Ukuleles


Go with Bondi

Wasn't sure what kalimba to get but Bondi have come through for me. This is well made and lots of littler extras to help you learn and get started.

Taylor E.
I won't share it

I've been lobing this bondi kalimba since I got it but friends want to touch and try it. They can get their own.

Mike C.
Kalimba Thumb Piano

Bought this as a gift and I've / It's been a hit. I'm not a great present buyer at the best of times but for my son who's usually playing games all day I'm glad to see this get some use. I can often here it when he comes home from school which is a nice change to the playstation. Really good gift for the price and it came in a couple of days. Will buy again from this company.

Rob M.
I'm not that good yet

I'm still learning but getting there. This Kalimbas is lightweight and with 17 notes / keys it can tuned however you like. Overall I really like it I'm just not musically talented but I do love it. I found this through a Jason Mraz video I was watching so find the company site here and decided to go direct. Thx

Rachael A.
Sweet tone

good craftmanship and it just sings when you play it. I had one from before which I wasn't happy with so I decided to upgrade. I like the resonance with this Kalimbas compared to my old one that wasn't nice even when in tune. Well this one came tuned and packed nicely. Found a winner here. Reputable company that bends over backwards.

Bondi Ukuleles

❤️ Glad you love it Rachael

Kevin P.
As described

Really nice instrument. Came really quickly in good condition. Was well packed and you can tell a lot of care and detail went in. Pretty happy with my purchase.

Trish A.
It's a Christmas present so we'll see

Bought this when I saw it. I like to shop for christmas early and this year with covid around I wanted to make sure I didn't have to stress at all. Not sure how it looks yet but Fedex delivered it in 2 days in perfect condition. So right now it's wrapped and hidden. Will update.

Dr M.
Great little instrument


You have to get one of these. There's so many brands and models out there but this clearly stands ouut from others. I'm an avid guitar player myself so thought I'd get one of these since it's far smaller for me to carry around than my acoustic guitar. The nifty little sounds and tunes you can get out of this instrument truly make it a joy to play. I've got my eye on the Koa electric since it will plug into my guitar amp and also my mixing desk. Will see if I can record something meanful with this little piece of delight.

Cassandra M.
Thank you Bondi, you put a smile on my dial

This is a really neat little kalimba with its emerald rosette winking at me. Thank you Bondi for looking after me.

Bec K.
No complaints

Simply love this Kalimba. The quality was far bette than I expected compared with the price I paid. Rich tone and so easy to play. They over delivered.

Bondi Ukuleles

Thanks Bec, our motto is to never pull the ladder up around here... Thanks for choosing us ❤️❤️

Ian T.
Wonderful instrument exactly what I was looking for

I knew of Bondi for their ukuleles so wasn't sure about a Kalimba from them... After reviewing about 10 or more different brands and types I decided to give them a go. The price looked reasonable for a kalimba built from rosewood and then with the nice looking case and accessories included. Bondi have created a really beautiful instrument, it's much nicer seeing it in person. The Kalimba was in tune so all I had to do was get started. The note stickers come in the set however I prefer to just learn them as I would a piano. I'm getting the hang of it I like how I can take this little thumb piano with me as opposed to the upright in my living room. Very pleased with my purchase and will be back for another style. Perhaps a Koa or the one that smells like Cinnamon. Perhaps my wife might be into that one.