Is Ukulele a Serious Instrument? 4 Reasons Why It Is

At Bondi Ukuleles, we make sure our future musicians will be guided accordingly. Evidently, even though you are an expert musician, learning another instrument could be a handful. Now to answer the question; Is Ukulele a serious instrument? Short answer, very much yes. Here are some of the many reasons.

A Ukulele is an excellent starter instrument for anyone who wants to start their musical journey. They’re easy to learn, and there are several resources that can help you learn how to play the instrument. However, some people might consider the ukulele as a “kid’s instrument” because of its size. And since it’s an easy instrument to learn, you may ask, “Is the ukulele a serious instrument?” 

The answer is yes, it’s a serious instrument, and here are some reasons why: 

Is Ukulele a Serious Instrument

1. It can teach you basic music principles. 

Although learning the ukulele is pretty easy, it can already teach you basic music principles. The chords you play on the ukulele are standard notes that are used for almost all instruments. This means that once you master these notes and chords, you can easily apply this knowledge to keep on learning more music.

2. You can play a variety of songs on the ukulele. 

A good thing about most songs on the radio nowadays is that they’re made of simple and easy-to-play chords. Learning four basic chords can already help you play more songs than you can imagine. The ukulele is also such a versatile instrument that it’s easy to play songs or melodies on it. 

3. The ukulele can be complicated at times. 

Although the ukulele is known to be one of the easiest instruments to pick up, don’t let other people’s comments  fool you. There is no doubt that the ukulele can be complicated at times. Some chord progressions are more difficult to master, and other songs have more complicated tablature. But don’t fret, we have a lot of tutorial videos for you! 

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4. People all over the world are learning the ukulele. 

Lastly, you will know that the ukulele is a serious instrument because people all over the world are taking it seriously. In fact, one of the winners of the show America’s Got Talent, stunned audiences with her ability to sing and play the ukulele. With just this simple instrument and her talent, she won the hearts of many around the world. 

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