Bonus pack included with every ukulele

Worth over $150

We include the following 13 items & learning materials with EVERY ukulele purchased. We found these items to be useful when we were learning the ukulele so we've decided to include them with every instrument.

What you get with your ukulele:

Your choice of ukulele bag between 12 options

£39.00 FREE

Tuner with LCD display to always give you that sweet sweet sound

£15.00 FREE

Adjustable soft cotton ukulele strap for perfect balance and comfort

£15.00 FREE

55 page ukulele book to guide you through your practice.

£11.00 FREE

6-pack of custom designed ukulele felt picks for the classic mellow tone

£10.00 FREE

Foldable A3 chart with 156+ chords to give you quick reminders

£7.00 FREE

Self-inking ukulele chord stamp

£10.00 FREE

A set of fretboard "learn to play" stickers to guide you in your first days

£6.00 FREE

Gold plated ukulele bookmark so your uke’s always on your mind

£4.00 FREE

Ultra-soft microfiber cleaning cloth so your uke is always stunning

£3.00 FREE

Organic cotton bag for your accessories to take them all with you

£4.00 FREE

30-min lesson over skype with a pro to point you in the right direction

£24.00 FREE

Plus 16 tips & tricks emails to keep you motivated and learning with over the shoulders video tutorials.

£15.00 FREE

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