Why is the Ukulele so Popular?

So, you’ve probably heard about the ukulele. You know, it’s that small instrument that looks like a smaller version of the guitar. Bondi Ukuleles answers the question, “Why is the ukulele so popular?” 

There’s no doubt that the ukulele is a very popular instrument, considering how it’s always seen in mainstream culture. But since you see it all around, you’re probably wondering why it’s so popular. Here, we discuss different reasons why the ukulele is such a popular instrument. And who knows, you might just pick one up and start learning how to play it! 

1. It has a relaxing sound. 

The ukulele has a relaxing sound that makes it a fun instrument to play. Think of it as an instrument that brings in good vibes. When you strum its strings, it has this sound that’s associated with peace and happiness. This is why you probably think of the beach whenever you hear the ukulele.

The ukulele is also pretty forgiving compared to other instruments since most beginner players can get away with a few minor mistakes. Its tune doesn’t become annoying even if you’ve played it for hours on end!

2. Many artists use the ukulele in their songs. 

Another reason why the ukulele is so popular is that a lot of popular artists use the ukulele in their songs. The sound of the ukulele is softer and more distinct, so it's quite noticeable when you hear it against the singer’s vocals. 

Some of the most popular songs that can be played on the ukulele include Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I’m Yours. These are just two among many songs that have catapulted the ukulele to fame. You’ve probably even heard dozens of covers of these two songs! 

3. They’re pretty easy to learn. 

Ukuleles are pretty easy to learn and that’s why many beginner musicians choose them as their first instrument. You only have to work with four strings on the small instrument, which means you can teach yourself ukulele even without formal lessons. It’s pretty simple to learn ukulele chords since they use the first seven letters of the alphabet. That’s C-D-E-F-G-A-B. 

There are a variety of resources available for novices to learn the ukulele, from chord charts to YouTube videos. If you’re planning to buy your first ukulele, then you might want to consider buying a starter kit. Starter kits have everything you need to learn the instrument by yourself. 

4. They’re an amazing “gateway” instrument. 

If you’re someone who plans to learn more instruments during your musical journey, then the ukulele is an amazing “gateway” instrument. They’re less intimidating than other instruments, so it’s a perfect fit for beginners. Since ukuleles easily teach people the basics about music, it’s become a popular instrument to pick up. Learning how to play the ukulele teaches you basic music principles that you can apply to other instruments as well. How cool is that?  

5. Ukuleles are accessible. 

Ukuleles are accessible instruments, which means they’re affordable and you can easily buy one at a music shop. These instruments aren’t too technical, so you don’t have to search far and wide just to buy one. In fact, you can even buy a toy ukulele from a gift shop (we don’t recommend that though; toy ukuleles can break easily). 

There is also no special equipment needed to play the ukulele. No need for amplifiers or any electronics that are complicated to use. And because of its compact size, you can easily travel with the instrument and bring it anywhere in the world!

6. Many people around the world play the ukulele!

The last reason why the ukulele is so popular is that so many people around the world play the ukulele! Of course, it wouldn’t gain popularity without those who love the instrument. Nowadays, there are even ukulele festivals you can go to and several online ukulele groups you can join. You might even make friends with the people you meet that share the same interest and love for playing the ukulele! 

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