Which Type of Ukulele is Most Popular?

Which Type of Ukulele is Most Popular? Our Bondi Ukulele family wants all our customers to know more about playing music, and we’re here to help you start your musical journey.  We’re going to answer that in this blog. 

Whether you know this or not, the size of the ukulele plays an important role in determining its tone. If you’re new to playing the ukulele, then you’re probably wondering what type of ukulele is most popular. As ukuleles become increasingly popular over the years, most players opt for a soprano ukulele. 

The soprano ukulele offers players a comfortable size that’s suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Are you planning to buy a soprano ukulele for yourself? Here are some things to know about it: 


The size of the soprano ukulele is pretty standard across all varieties. They have a size of around 14-20 inches, but some kinds of soprano ukuleles come smaller. The soprano ukulele’s small size offers a lot of benefits, especially for the beginner ukulele player. 

First, its small size allows you to bring it almost anywhere with you. This is perfect if you love traveling and going to other places so that you can share your talents with others. It’s not much of a hassle bringing it around since it’s compact. And because of its size, another advantage of the soprano ukulele is that it's one of the cheapest kinds of ukuleles. You can find a high-quality ukulele that’s within your budget!


Soprano ukuleles produce the “tingly” sound that’s often associated with the instrument. Because of their smaller size, they have a higher tone. If you hear a ukulele being played in your favorite songs, then there is a high chance that the singer is playing a soprano ukulele. 

The soprano ukulele is great if you want that bright and relaxing tune. This makes it suitable for beginners as well because mistakes aren’t as obvious. Even if you make a mistake, you can brush it off and keep on playing because most people won’t even notice the difference. However, the soprano ukulele's small size offers a sound with less projection than the larger sizes. 

Number of Frets 

The soprano ukulele has around 12-15 frets. Compared to other types of ukuleles, soprano ukuleles have tight spacing on their fretboards. This allows musicians to easily play more complicated chords because they can reach different parts of the fretboard. Even if the ukulele is way smaller than the guitar, some people still find it difficult to play the instrument because their small hands can’t wrap around the fretboard. 

Although soprano ukuleles are great for beginners, they’re probably not as suitable for those with large fingers. People with large fingers may choose the next size ukulele, which is the concert ukulele. This allows you to comfortably play simple and complex chords because there’s more space on the fretboard. No need to worry about hand cramps and pain anymore!


Soprano ukuleles have a tuning of GCEA, which is the standard tuning for most ukuleles (except for the baritone ukulele, which has a tuning of DGBE). The string nearest to you is a high G note, while the string on the bottom and farthest to you is an A. 

Unlike the guitar or other similar string instruments, the soprano ukulele’s tuning isn’t arranged from highest to lowest. Rather, a soprano ukulele’s strings are arranged in a way that the two strings with the highest pitches are placed on the outside. This arrangement isn’t just something random, though. The tuning of GCEA, with high-pitch strings placed on the outside, makes chord playing easier. 

Because of the GCEA tuning, you can play a C chord just by pressing one string on the third fret, and there are also plenty of chord charts and notation with this kind of tuning. Check out Bondi Ukulele’s Tiger Oak Soprano Ukulele here

Soprano Ukuleles at Bondi Ukuleles

Which Type of Ukulele is Most Popular

Now that you know everything about soprano ukuleles, it’s time to choose your own. Here at Bondi Ukuleles, we have a variety of soprano ukuleles that are perfect for every skill level. We guarantee that our ukuleles are made from the best materials and will last you long. 

If you think you want other size ukuleles, then we have got them as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of our team members because we’re more than happy to help you choose the perfect instrument for you!

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