What should I know before learning ukulele?

What should I know before learning ukulele? Ukuleles are a great instrument for musicians of all levels because they're easy to learn and play. Here at Bondi Ukuleles, we discuss a few things that you should know before learning the ukulele. 

The ukulele is one of the most popular instruments in existence today. It’s a fun instrument for both children and adults alike, and it comes with a relatively low price tag. From classical music to pop tunes to traditional Hawaiian songs -- the uke can do it all! But if you are going to take up this unique instrument, then here are a few things that you need to know first. The ukulele is an instrument with four strings and a body made from wood, plastic, or other materials.

The ukulele is an instrument that resembles a small guitar. However, the difference is that the ukulele only has four strings while a guitar has six strings. Because of the ukulele’s small size, it occupies less space than a guitar. Ukuleles are usually made from wood, but they can also be made from plastic and other man-made materials such as carbon fiber. 

It is typically played by strumming the strings with your fingers.

The ukulele plays similarly to a guitar in terms of fingering, but it uses different chords and strumming techniques than what you might be used to playing on the guitar –or any other instrument for that matter! The entire process of learning how to play can take anywhere from months up to years, depending on your dedication, motivation, and drive.

There are different sizes of ukuleles, typically ranging from soprano to tenor.

Depending on your height and how long your fingers are, you can choose how big or how small you want your ukulele to be. The common sizes of ukuleles include soprano, concert, and tenor and these different sizes allow for different tonal qualities. But if you're on a budget and want to learn how to play the ukulele as cheaply as possible, then consider one of the smallest sizes like the soprano ukulele.

It is a great instrument for beginners because it can be easily learned how to play.

The ukulele is a beginner-friendly instrument since the chords are easier to play. This is thanks to its four strings made out of nylon. There’s no need to worry about your fingers hurting when playing the ukulele. Aside from easier chords, ukuleles also teach you basic music principles that can help you when learning other instruments. 

Ukuleles are relatively affordable instruments. 

As with any hobby, there are costs associated with learning how to play the ukulele. But unlike other instruments, most ukuleles won't cost you much money at all. For around $50-$100, you can already buy a high-quality ukulele that will last you for years. Another great thing about the ukulele is that it doesn't require any special equipment aside from a few extra strings every now and then (and those cost less than $5). 

You can learn the ukulele online for a low price.

Even as a beginner, there are still different ways to learn the ukulele. You can purchase books about the ukulele online or you can watch YouTube videos to learn how to play it. Some ukulele shops even sell starter kits that have everything you need to learn the ukulele. Remember that there are different techniques and tricks out there so picking one method might not work for everyone. 

It’s a very fun instrument to play!

The ukulele is such a versatile instrument and there are so many things to learn that you can never get bored of it. It seems like every week there’s a new song out, and it’s just one more reason to enjoy playing this awesome instrument. You’ll never get tired of its bright and happy tune, and you can even bring it to so many places because of its portable size. Surely there are so many people that are ready to hear you play the ukulele!

Grab Your Ukulele at Bondi Ukuleles

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