Should I Learn the Piano or the Ukulele?

Should I Learn the Piano or the Ukulele? The piano and the ukulele are two of the most popular instruments for beginners. These two instruments offer musicians the basics of musical skills, which they can apply when learning other instruments. 

If you’re thinking about whether you should learn the piano or the ukulele, then it’s best to start on an instrument that you think best suits your personality. This will help you be more motivated in learning the instrument and eventually become an amazing musician. Let’s take a look at why you should learn the piano and the ukulele in this article.

Why You Should Learn the Piano

The piano is an instrument with over 88 keys, and they are played by pressing down each key individually. It also comes with pedals that allow players to play chords as well as single notes. If you want to get started playing the piano, there are many different types of pianos available today such as upright pianos, grand pianos, or even electric keyboards. Curious to learn why you should learn the piano? Here are some of those reasons: 

1. You can play more songs on the piano. 

One of the reasons why people choose to play the piano first is because of its versatility. The piano has been around for hundreds of years, so almost all songs you hear can be played on the piano. This is great if you want to broaden your musical skills and impress other people with how many songs you know how to play. 

2. The piano doesn’t require frequent tuning.

Unlike other string instruments, the piano doesn’t require frequent tuning. If you have an electric keyboard, you may not even need to tune it at all. This lessens your stress regarding how often you need to tune your instrument before playing, and it also means that you can just start playing in tune whenever you want. 

3. It can improve your coordination. 

Learning music requires good hand-eye coordination. Playing any type of instrument involves using both hands together, especially when it comes to the piano. This is because pianists usually need to play two different tempos of music at once. When you learn to play the piano, you will find out that you must keep track of where your fingers go and what note they hit.

Why You Should Learn the Ukulele

The ukulele is like a smaller version of the guitar. They come in various sizes ranging from small ones (soprano) up to larger ones (tenor). Ukuleles come with nylon strings that need to be pressed down one after another to create music. Here are some reasons that can help you decide whether you want to start learning the ukulele. 

1. The ukulele is easier to learn by yourself. 

The ukulele is such an easy instrument to learn, that you can be a pro at it just by teaching yourself. It only has four strings unlike other stringed instruments, so chords on the ukulele are easier to understand and master. You don’t need any prior musical knowledge!


There are also hundreds of resources that you can use to play the instrument, and there are even online communities where people are more than happy to share their skills and talents with others. 

2 It’s a cheaper instrument. 

Ukuleles are one of the cheapest beginner instruments, with high-quality ukuleles starting at $150-200. The instrument doesn’t require any special equipment, either. You can just pick up the ukulele and start playing your favorite songs on it. This is great for individuals who don’t have the budget for more expensive instruments but still want to begin their musical journey. 

3. The size isn’t a big problem. 

Another reason why you should learn the ukulele is that size isn’t a problem with this instrument. The ukulele is a small instrument so it’s easy to bring anywhere and you shouldn’t be concerned with storage, making it the perfect instrument for people who live in smaller apartments. 

Learn the Ukulele at Bondi Ukuleles

While the piano is an excellent instrument to learn, there is no doubt that the ukulele is easier to play first. Here at Bondi Ukuleles, we encourage customers to start learning the ukulele. Our collection of ukuleles are perfect for anyone who’s starting their musical journey. Check out our products on our website, and we’re more than eager to help you pick out your first instrument!

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