Is Ukulele easier than Piano? Why Play Ukulele First?

Is Ukulele easier than Piano?

Ukulele Vs. Piano: Which Instrument Is Easier?

If you’re new to playing music, you’re probably doing your research on what instruments are the easiest to learn. There are tons of instruments that you can play, and two of the most popular instruments that beginners learn are the ukulele and the piano. 


To know which of the two instruments are easier to learn, it’s best that we look at their pros and cons. This will help us weigh out whether one is “better” than another or not. Let’s take a closer look at those in this article: 


The ukulele is an instrument that was popularized in Hawaii. It's a small, inexpensive guitar-like instrument with four strings, and you can create music by strumming or plucking the strings. 

Pros of Learning the Uke

  1. It's portable and easy to carry around with you.

The ukulele is a small instrument that you can easily bring anywhere. There’s no need to worry about needing extra storage just to learn how to play it. It also has an attractive appearance that makes it very appealing for beginners who are looking for something fun to play.

  1. It’s easy to learn. 

A good reason to start learning the ukulele is that it’s relatively easy to learn compared to other instruments. You don’t need any formal lessons to start playing it because there are tons of resources available online. There are several YouTube videos and websites that are dedicated to teaching beginners how to play the ukulele. 

  1. It’s an affordable instrument. 

Ukes are inexpensive instruments, but they're still great value for money. You can expect to spend around $100-150 on a beginner ukulele that produces a high-quality sound. 

Cons of Learning the Uke

  1. It’s less versatile. 

When learning the ukulele, you might have to keep in mind that this instrument is less versatile than others. This means that it might be difficult to play a variety of genres on the ukulele. While you can still play all of your favorite songs, there’s a chance that it won’t sound as appealing compared to when you play them on the piano. 

  1. It can be harder to play for people with large hands.

If you are someone who has larger-than-average hands, you may find yourself struggling to hold down notes or chords on the ukulele. However, this shouldn’t set you back. There are different size ukuleles that can suit people with bigger hands. 


The piano is an instrument made up of many parts, including the keyboard and hammers. It consists of 88 keys that are used to play notes on a musical scale. 

Pros of Learning the Piano

  1. You can play more songs on it. 

The best advantage of learning the piano is you can play any song on it. You can learn any song that you want on the piano, and there are even a bunch of songs that are specifically written to play on the instrument. 

  1. The sound quality is usually better. 

Another advantage of learning the piano is that the sound quality is better since it can produce more notes. This means that the notes you play are more distinct and that you can hear them more clearly compared to if you play them on other instruments. 

Cons of Learning the Piano

  1. It requires more training.

Most people who learn the piano may need more training or even formal lessons just to learn how to play it. Those who wish to learn the instrument without a teacher can find books and videos that teach basic skills, but they are not always easy for beginners to understand. 

  1. You may need to learn how to read music. 

Aside from needing formal lessons, you may need to learn how to read music just to play the piano. Compared to learning simple chords on the ukulele, notes are usually needed to play more advanced songs. 

  1. It’s an expensive instrument. 

A piano is one of the more expensive instruments, with some beginner pianos having an initial cost of $3,000. The instrument also requires a lot of space, which might be a problem for musicians who live in small spaces. 

Which Is Easier: Ukulele or Piano?

Now that we’ve talked about the different pros and cons of learning the instruments, it’s time to answer the question, “Which of the two is easier?” The answer, of course, is the uke. It’s a lot more fun and it doesn’t require as much time and effort. 


You can learn how to play piano in just one day. But without proper training, your piano skills will be limited. On the other hand, with practice on the ukulele, you can master its chords within weeks.

Your First Ukulele at Bondi Ukuleles 

Now that you’re set to start learning the ukulele, it’s time for you to choose your first instrument. Bondi Ukuleles has a variety of ukuleles that can help you jumpstart your musical journey. Beginners can choose from our starter kit collection so that you can learn the instrument on your own. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to know more!

Is Ukulele easier than Piano

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