How To Properly Store Your Ukulele To Keep it in Top Shape

Hey there guys. Casey’s back. Alright, we’ve come a long way. We’ve explored tons of tips, tutorials, how to’s and various cool stuff about ukuleles, but this time, we’ll discuss something very important, that sometimes, people take for granted; keeping your ukulele in tip top shape. Any ukulele of any price, quality or brand can only take so much beating, intended or normal wear and tear. There are many factors to take in, but today, we’ll talk about how to properly store your ukulele to maintain its pristine condition.

1. Invest in a Good Bag


I can’t stress this one enough. Yes, Ukuleles are tiny works of art and you’d be doing yourself so much gratification displaying them on a stand or somewhere in your room because you just like to stare at them all of the time. Still, a bag, and mind you, a really good one like the one from Bondi Ukuleles, would be a total banger of an investment and will keep your ukulele safe from any unwanted damage. 

A bag has to have all the needed protection like thick enough padding, some extent of water protection along with dust and particle protection and protection from accidental bumps or drops. A good padded bag is tough enough for such circumstances and light and affordable enough for your budget. At Bondi Ukuleles, you’ll also not run out of good choices of style to choose from so that’s an awesome added bonus too!

2. Hardcases for even more protection


Okay. Soft padded cases provide good protection, but why not stop there? If you’ve got the budget for a hard case, this could be better in some way too. Yes, it may become a bit heavier to carry around overall, but the benefit of hardcases is, well, they are hard. Something that a softpadded case may not be able to protect the ukulele from might be a job for a hardcase. Say, a higher drop? Who knows when you’ll accidentally drop your ukulele from 3 or 4 storeys high. I mean, why would you do that? But who knows right? Alright, let’s try something a bit more realistic; travelling with musical instruments along with other heavy stuff. Imagine your ukulele being crushed in your compartment with other stuff? That’s something that a soft padded bag might not be able to handle afterall.

The good news is, we also have those!

3. Wall Rack

Okay, this one’s intended for those who’d rather stay at home or mostly do anyway. Why would you prefer wall-hanging your ukulele? First, it’s safer than leaving it to sit somewhere in your room, heck even on a stand where you might accidentally trample on and second; it looks classy. If you’re also a collector, you might end up putting several ukuleles on your wall. Nothing more than an expressive wall of your favorite musical instrument.

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