How do you memorize ukulele chords?

How do you memorize ukulele chords? By visually memorizing them or by simply getting a feel for each finger positioning? It greatly varies from person to person, but here are some tips on how you can get more used to playing chords and have them memorized by heart faster.

6 Tips to Easily Memorize Different Ukulele Chords

Memory is a funny thing. Memory comes in two broad categories: how you recall how to get from Point A to Point B and how you remember the information you're studying. When learning how to play the ukulele, it can be overwhelming to see how many chords you have to memorize. 

But don’t worry, memorizing how to play the ukulele is all about how your brain remembers how to use its fingers to form the chords. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when learning and memorizing chords on the ukulele: 

1. Learn Basic Chords First.

If you're a beginner, then it's best to learn the basic ukulele chords first. This is because you will want to use these chords to know how to move around and how they are all connected. The more basic chords you know, the easier it will be for you to memorize other ones. Once you're comfortable with all the basic chords, learn how other common chords work in your position [wherever you are playing on the fretboard] without having to move up or down. 

2. Memorize How the Chords Feel in Your Hands.

When learning the ukulele, you need to feel how the chord position feels in your hands. Take note of how your fingers are placed on the fretboard and how your arm is positioned when you strum. You'll be surprised how quickly you learn how the chord feels when you take note of how your fingers and thumb are placed on the fretboard while practicing each chord. 

3. Listen to How Different Chords Sound.

It’s one thing to memorize how something is supposed to look and how it’s supposed to feel, but completely different to memorize how something sounds. Learning about how different chords sound when they’re played on the ukulele can make memorizing chords easier. This is an effective way to memorize ukulele chords because it will help you recognize how they should sound when they come up in a song.

Listen to how other people play the chords, or how you played them last time. This way, if your hands accidentally stray off of what they were supposed to be doing, you’ll know if you accidentally made a mistake. 

4. Try Playing With Your Eyes Closed.

Once you’re familiar with how a chord feels and sounds on the ukulele, try playing a few chords with your eyes closed. This can help you have a more vivid memory of how the chord should sound. And if you're comfortable with playing a few chords with closed eyes, then go ahead and try to play different chord progressions.

5. Find Someone to Play the Ukulele With.

Another way that you can help yourself memorize how ukulele chords are played is to play the instrument with someone else. When you do this, pay attention carefully to how the other person moves their hands because this will help you remember how to play any given chord in the future.

If there is no one else around who knows how to play, then use a recording or video tutorial online as a guide. While watching the video, look at how your fingers need to move so that you can replicate how they perform those chords with ease. 

6. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practicing how to play different ukulele chords even just for a few minutes each day can help you memorize different chords. Memorizing different ukulele chords can take some time, but it will get easier as you go along. The more you practice, the better your memory will improve, thus making it easier for you to memorize how to form different chords.

Remember that your ability to play the ukulele lies in your dedication. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t pick up the skill immediately. Even though you might forget how to play certain chords at times, just look them up again and keep practicing!

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