Can I Teach Myself Ukulele? 5 Reasons How You Can Do It

At Bondi Ukuleles, we want to motivate all of our customers to start their musical journey. The ukulele easily allows musicians of different levels to start playing an instrument. This is because it’s one of the easiest instruments to learn, and it’s pretty versatile when it comes to playing different kinds of songs. These facts would answer the common question; Can I teach myself ukulele?

Now, you might get intimidated when wanting to learn the ukulele, especially if you’re very new to playing music. But don’t get overwhelmed by your fears! Here are some reasons that can help motivate you to start teaching yourself how to play the ukulele: 

can I teach myself ukulele

5. The Ukulele Is an Easy Instrument to Learn.

When picking up the ukulele, one thing’s for sure -- it’s an easy instrument to learn. Many people around the world choose their ukulele as their first instrument because the chords and tablature are easier to master. Unlike other popular stringed instruments like the guitar, the ukulele only has four strings which means playing it is less complicated. 

If you’re already well-versed in music and have experience in playing other instruments, then you probably won’t break a sweat when learning the ukulele. Most music theory principles are the same throughout different instruments, so teaching yourself the ukulele won’t be that challenging. For example, if you already know how to play chords on the guitar, you can easily apply those principles to the ukulele. 


4. There are a Lot of Resources for Ukulele Lessons.

One of the advantages of learning the ukulele is that there are tons of resources that you can use to teach yourself. You don’t have to sign up and pay for ukulele lessons. Instead, you can simply look up a ukulele chord chart online and use that as a reference. There are also several tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to play your favorite songs if you’re up for a challenge. 


You may want to join several online groups where people are open to sharing their talents and skills with others. By joining these groups, it’s easy to reach out to people who have more experience in playing the ukulele, and you can help them out with their concerns as well. You’ll be surprised by how many people around the world are open to helping you learn and grow your talents

3. Four Chords Can Go a Long Way.

If you’re new to music and are planning to learn an instrument to play some of your favorite songs, remind yourself this: four chords can go a long way. An excellent example of a common four-chord progression in most pop songs is C, G, Am, F. These chords are very easy to learn on the ukulele, and you can already play several songs with them. Get ready to impress your family and friends with your newfound talent!


2. Ukuleles Are Forgiving Instruments.


Ukuleles are also more forgiving than most instruments. By forgiving, I mean that they don’t hurt your fingers and mistakes are less noticeable. You’ve probably heard of musicians learning the guitar until “their fingers bled.” Well, this isn’t the case when you’re learning the ukulele. The ukulele has nylon strings and smaller sizes, making them easier to play than other string instruments. 


And compared to other instruments, ukuleles don’t produce an annoying sound when you make mistakes. This encourages you to correct your mistakes as you continue learning. It’s a great loophole if you’re trying to impress others when playing because they won’t notice the mistakes you commit by accident. Just don’t make it obvious that you’ve made a mistake, though!


1. Your Dedication Determines Your Success.

Just like learning other hobbies or skills, your determination to learn the ukulele will determine your success. It doesn’t matter if you’re bad at the ukulele the first time or can’t get the chords even if it’s been a while. Trust me on this one, continuous practice and patience will help you learn how to play the ukulele. 

Learn the Ukulele at Bondi Ukuleles 

Once you’re set and determined to teach yourself how to play the ukulele, then it’s time to choose your instrument. Here at Bondi Ukuleles, we have a variety of ukulele options that’s perfect if you’re a beginner. You may browse through our website or contact one of our team members to know more about our different ukuleles. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions so that you can start your musical journey!

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