10 Electric Ukulele Tricks to Enhance Your Playing and Sound

The ukulele is a versatile and fun instrument to play, and adding an electric pickup can take your playing to a whole new level. With an electric ukulele, you have the ability to experiment with different tones and effects that are not available with an acoustic instrument. Here are some electric ukulele tricks that you can try out to enhance your playing and sound:

  1. Use a loop pedal: A loop pedal allows you to record a short section of your playing and then play it back on a loop, freeing you up to play over the top of it. This can be especially useful for creating layered textures in your playing.

  2. Experiment with different effects: There are a variety of effects pedals available for electric ukuleles, including distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb. Try experimenting with these effects to create unique and interesting sounds.

  3. Use a slide: Using a slide on an electric ukulele can create a unique and haunting sound. You can either use a traditional guitar slide or try using a glass or metal object, such as a shot glass or a butter knife.

  4. Use an octave pedal: An octave pedal can add depth and dimension to your playing by doubling the pitch of your notes. This can create a fuller, richer sound.

  5. Combine playing techniques: Experiment with combining playing techniques, such as fingerpicking and strumming, to create interesting and complex rhythms.

  6. Play with a backing track: Playing with a backing track can help you improve your timing and rhythm, and can also provide a more dynamic and full sound.

  7. Experiment with alternate tunings: The ukulele is often played in standard tuning, but experimenting with alternate tunings can create new possibilities and open up new playing techniques.

  8. Use a wah pedal: A wah pedal is a type of effect pedal that alters the tone of your playing by sweeping a filter up and down in frequency. This can create a unique and funky sound.

  9. Use a compressor: A compressor pedal can smooth out the dynamics of your playing, making soft notes louder and loud notes softer. This can create a more even and polished sound.

  10. Use harmonics: Harmonics are created by lightly touching the string at a specific point to create a bell-like tone. Experiment with using harmonics in your playing to create unique and ethereal sounds.

Overall, experimenting with electric ukulele tricks can take your playing to new heights and add an exciting new dimension to your sound. With a little bit of creativity and experimentation, the possibilities are endless!

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