Ripple Koa Concert Ukulele - Left Handed

Ripple Koa Concert Ukulele - Left Handed

**Ships Out July-Aug Est.**

- If you order, it will ship out July-August, give or take so consider it a pre-order and it gets you in the queue early. We're always thinking of our left-handed buddies and knowing how many pre-orders we have greatly helps us get things moving along. This is a new and improved Ripple Koa with curly Koa undertones and upgraded Black Ebony fretboard make this Ripple Koa, simply delicious. Beautifully unique, every ukulele forges its’ own character. Wow, we're impressed. Get in early and claim yours. As always, our production runs are limited to ensure quality.

Bondi Team (Updated May 16th)

The Inspiration

The Bondi ripple koa takes the traditional koa wood and pairs it with the Indigo Pearl features to give it that sweet Bondi sound and feel. You'll quickly fall in love with the elegant ripple curling and the sweet balanced tone. This instrument will appeal to any player looking to add a gorgeous Koa ukulele to their collection.

Left handed ukulele players are often overlooked by manufacturers, which is totally unfair. We will always offer a range of left handed ukuleles at our store to cater to our left handed customers, they will be the same price as the right handers and setup perfectly. We are working towards having every single uke in our range available in a left handed option. This is something that we are very passionate about because we see this as a form of discrimination and that is the opposite of what the ukulele movement is all about.

The ripple koa will likely be the nicest ukulele you have ever own. The sad part is your other ukes wont get as much attention as they used to!

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Ripple Koa Series


Concert Left Handed


Solid Koa


Solid Koa


Aquila Corde

Soundhole Rosette

Indigo Blue Pearl


Black Ebony

Fretboard Binding



Black Ebony

Nut & Saddle

Authentic Bone


Bondi Plush Nickel




Custom Pearl Logo Inlay

Body Binding

Emerald Calypso Pearl


Satin Gloss

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