Why Ukuleles Are Perfect For Your School’s Music Program

School music programs are literal life savers.  

If you’re a music teacher or school administrator you can likely attest to this. There’s a reason students hold school music programs in such high regards. Studies show that learning an instrument at a young age (elementary school through high school) can:

  • Actively combat depression and anxiety
  • Improve confidence, self-worth, and community
  • Teach creativity and work ethic
  • Develop important social skills

That’s really powerful! You don’t have to search too far to find inspirational stories of how learning an instrument kept youth out of trouble (or worse), and created a sense of purpose in their lives.

This is why we work tirelessly to partner with schools to bring that very same concept to as many kids as we can.

For me personally, my schools were limited to woodwind and brass instruments. I love those instruments these days, but as a younger kid they didn’t inspire me. I was only interested in stringed instruments. Feeling like I didn’t have a place in the music program, I didn’t attend any of the music classes. It took several more years before I got the chance to learn music. And that came by way of expensive private lessons.  

A truly missed opportunity indeed!

Did you know that we regularly partner with schools to bring ukuleles to music programs?

We get it. Financial constraints often mean that school music programs take the back seat and are usually first to see budget cuts. Because of this we offer schools significant discounts. 

In addition to deep scholastic pricing you also get a fantastic value that makes it easy and fiscally worthwhile to start a ukulele program (or add ukuleles to your existing program).

What does fantastic value look like?

Fantastic ukuleles at an extremely affordable price. These aren’t cheap plastic toy ukuleles like you’ll find on big ecommerce sites. They’re crafted using real tone woods and are built for actual musicians. And they’re affordable for even the youngest players.

Easy to follow lesson books to teach kids how to play the ukulele. One more thing to check off the list! Use this as formal curriculum or supplemental lessons and homework.

3 Years Of FREE Strings. Yes, 100% free! Ukuleles strings are the only recurring costs that ukuleles have, and each ukulele bundle includes 3 years of free strings. That’s a savings of $300 per ukulele.

A bunch of accessories at no cost to you. Everything a young ukulele player needs to start playing right away. Ukulele tuner, strap, chord chart, fretboard markers, ukulele stand, a durable travel case to protect the ukulele, and more.

If you’ve done even a little research, you know that’s unheard of. All of these necessary accessories typically need to be purchased separately. That quickly adds up and adds a lot of cost to you. And going without them doesn’t set your students up very well.

Did I mention that every ukulele comes with a lifetime warranty? You have enough to worry about, the quality and value of the ukuleles doesn’t need to be one.  

We Know The Ordering Process For Schools

We do this all the time, so we understand your ordering process. You’ll get a fast personalized quote you can pass along to your accounting department.

We also offer your school Net14 terms from the time the ukuleles arrive. You’ll get your students playing their first chords before you even have to think about payment!

The Perfect Instrument For Every Budget

And I mean every budget. It’s important for music programs to be affordable, and we know that “affordable” means something different to every school. We offer the best ukuleles for schools and we do our best to match your budget and plan.

The Bondi Surf Series is a very popular choice for its affordability and style. Surf Series ukuleles are made of solid mahogany (yes, real wood!) and come in over a dozen fun and striking finishes. Unlike many “beginner” ukuleles these are built to last. After all, they’re made by the same hands that make the higher end Bondi ukes!

Bondi’s Surf Series are Soprano sized ukuleles. Soprano ukes are perfect for younger students since the size is more manageable. These feature a full depth, which is hard to find on ukuleles in this range. This gives the ukulele much better tone and resonance, and means the students won’t outgrow it.

The Surf Series ukuleles are perfect for kids, but I know plenty of adults who play them too!

If you’re looking for a step up ukulele, look no further than the Bondi Arcadia Mahogany series. Here’ you’ll find ukes in all of the primary sizes: Soprano (small), Concert (medium), and Tenor (large). The tone naturally changes as the size of the uke increases, and having this variety of sizes adds tonal diversity to the group.

More importantly though, having a few sizes makes sure every student get’s the “goldie locks” uke (the one that fits just right). Most ukulele players end up collecting ukes in multiple sizes. But having that perfect fit from the start builds confidence with the instrument, and sparks that joy and momentum to learn the instrument.  

Bondi Arcadio ukuleles are constructed from solid mahogany (a top choice for luthiers) and come in a beautiful (and durable) finish. You’ll also get more bells and whistles here, such as Ivory Blossom binding and a pearl rosette.  

All of our ukuleles, from the most expensive to the most affordable, go through a thorough shipping inspection and set up before they leave our facility. We make sure they play, sound, look, and feel as best as they possibly can. For your students, that means they get a well made ukulele that they can immediately fall in love with.

Our school music bundles start at 10 ukuleles and we’ll customize to meet the constraints of your budget and needs for your students. If you want to know more or get a personalized quote, fill out the for below and one of our School Music Program experts (yes, a real person!) will get back to you ASAP!