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Free Ukulele Prize Draw

Win this Ukulele Kit!

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Entry into the Jason Mraz Ukulele Prizedraw Complete

I'm Yours is out

because This Is Yours. Share this page with a friend to snag additional entries for each friend referred to win this cool Jason Mraz Ukulele Starter Kit.

We can't lie and certainly Jason Can't lie because

yes, this ukulele starter kit is one helluva way to get going on the ukulele.

Trying to play I'm Yours by Jason Mraz?

Well, look no further. This beautifully hand-crafted ukulele from carefully chosen, authentically harvested mahogany brings you a beautiful, rich tone, delicious for playing those beach melodies.


How to play ukulele like Jason Mraz?

look no further

to achieve those beachy melodic tones this Arcadia mahogany concert ukulele comes enhanced to Nami strings directly out of Japan. You won't find these anywhere but right here on our line up of Bondi Ukuleles.

Since we love Jason Mraz so much we just wanted to show our respect by putting together this giveaway in honor of him.

If you haven't already, throw your email in to snag your entry into this prize-draw. We'll be in touch by email to let you know how you're going in the competition.

And you know, we might even throw in a special one of kind Jason Mraz piece of merchandise for you. Yep, we'll pull a few strings and make it happen. Typically we strum strings but on occasion we'll pull a few, too. That's just how we roll around here.