How one ukulele can change the world

The Buy One, Give One program is providing children that creative spark one chord at a time.
A wise person once said

"Music education should not be a privilege for a lucky few, it should be a part of every child's world of possibility."

We believe that every child should have access to music in schools.

That’s why we want to change how music is taught in Cambodia. In many parts of the world it's the norm for musical education to be compulsory for all children over the age of five. However, in other parts of the world – like Southeast Asia – it is something that is harder to access. That’s where you come in.

When you purchase a ukulele through us, you’re helping to implement music in Cambodian schools.

Here’s how it works


You buy a ukulele

By purchasing any ukulele kit on our website, you’re contributing to the Buy One, Give One program: You buy a ukulele, we put a teacher through the Bondi Ukuleles Foundation Teacher Training System.


Your purchase puts a teacher through our 10-week course

After your purchase, a kindergarten teacher will come to our community center once a week for training. For 10 weeks, teachers learn how to hold, strum and tune a ukulele. Along with educating teachers on how to play the ukulele, we also teach them how to maintain it so that the instrument – and subsequent musical program – becomes a sustainable part of the Cambodian school system.


Teachers are given a classroom ukulele

Teachers are awarded our Bondi Ukulele University qualification and a ukulele to take back to the classroom once they have successfully completed the 10-week course. By empowering teachers with a ukulele, know-how and ownership, we’re ensuring a self-sustaining educational program.


Music is implemented in cambodian schools

By purchasing with us, you’re helping to bring music into classrooms. The Rhythm & Reason Initiative is currently developing videos to help support each teacher with implementing ukulele music into their school curriculum and will also send volunteer ukulele players from overseas to play with them in the classroom.


Empowering teachers with a ukulele, know-how and ownership ensures a self-sustaining educational program.

How you can help

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Children of Cambodia

"A generation of Cambodian children are seeking to have music in their lives"

A Strong Partnership

Bringing music to villages

Commitment to change

"Each and every day, together, we take a step forward"

"The response already has been overwhelmingly positive. With Rhythm, we have a Reason. "

"When the ukulele stops, you stop..."

The Ukulele Dance Freeze Game in action. Your foot's still tapping buddy!

Active in schools now:

One Little Finger" to the tune of a ukulele sure does get the kids excited

How you can make a greater contribution

You already have. By purchasing Bondi Ukuleles products, you’ve made a meaningful difference.

So, you want to roll up your sleeves with Rhythm & Reason?

We are seeking volunteers for various roles and activities such as:

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• Designers

• Reporters

• Educators

• Curriculum creation heroes

• Media Experts

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