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Easiest Halloween Songs on Ukulele

Easiest Halloween Songs on Ukulele

3 minute read

Halloween is just around the corner and you’ve started playing the ukulele or have been on it for a while. Why not learn some halloween-themed songs? Who knows? It might be handy to show off to your friends and families. Heck, even if you’re out for some trick or treating, go on and start impressing your neighborhood with some sick ukulele tunes for that guaranteed treat! Here are the easiest halloween songs on ukulele.

Addams Family Theme

Let’s start with something pretty familiar and fairly easy. So easy in fact, that you only need to learn three chords for it for the entire song. The chords are as follows;


Bb, Cm and F


To play the chords, you just need to follow the tabs below, courtesy of ukuleleplayalongs.



The first part, which is the intro riff is easy enough to perform as it is pretty similar in between choruses. The entire song is also played just under moderate speed and the chords are played in the same uniform order across the entire song. To watch and listen and have a play along, grab your ukulele and watch the video below.

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

What’s that? Too easy? Yeah, no doubt the first song was too easy so, let’s crank the technical slider a bit up? Let’s go. Now we tackle the wildly timeless and ever so popular song by Michael Jackson, Thriller. This song’s a tad bit more technical, but still easier than the Addams family theme.


In the video above by One Music School, you will be shown how exactly the song is played and which chords (spoiler alert, there are several of em) are used and the order. Pretty detailed tutorial that it even covers the strumming pattern and the general speed. Still, the overall feel is up to you so you can play this song at your preferred pacing. Great thing about this is you only need your ukulele on standard C tuning and no capos involved!

I Love Halloween

Alright. Let’s go back to the basics. This was supposed to be a guide for easy songs and when we say easy, we go easy! This time, just doubling the amount of the chords you need to learn how to play from the first song we tackled;




This song has an easy strum pattern for the verse part and a bit of palm muting before the chorus. However, you can still play this nicely paced song to your own style. Some would even play this a bit faster and grander to the point that they’d do shreds and awesome licks on the ukulele, but that’s for a more advanced playing style.

Get your Ukulele this Halloween

Just a few more days before Halloween, why not get an ukulele to learn some of these cool songs and more? After all, it won’t be long before Christmas comes along too and what better way to spend the holiday season with strumming away with your favorite musical instrument? Still, for now, we focus on the spooking! Now pick up your ukulele and get trick or treating in style!

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